Chiropractic focuses on restoring balance, motion, and alignment to the spine so that the nervous system can function at its optimal level. When spinal bones (vertebrae) are out of their proper places (misaligned or stuck), a condition develops called a “subluxation” (pronounced sub-lux-a-shun). A subluxation is a physical complex involving a bone, a nerve, soft tissue (muscle and tendons), and inflammation. Often when a subluxation is present a person will feel pain, tightness, or discomfort. These symptoms are the some common causes for visits to chiropractors.

Some subluxations, however, are considered silent, as they do not produce any outwardly noticeable symptoms. These silent subluxations still effect the body, by decreasing the body’s ability to communicate with itself and interrupting the proper flow of the nervous system. Signs of these silent subluxations usually occur after the problem has been there for some time, and can occur as early as birth! Common signs of these subluxations are frequent colds or illnesses, acid reflux, digestive problems, asthma, and high stress/anxiety.

Removing subluxations with a series of chiropractic adjustments helps to restore normal function to moving bones, loosen tight muscles, and take pressure off nerves. A person under regular chiropractic care typically feels great, sleeps better, and heals at a faster rate because their body is working at a higher level of function!

Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy you find in our office is not like most other places. Unlike your common “fluff and buff” spa massage, our therapist is experienced in making your body actually work better while helping you feel great! Get more out of your massage experience by scheduling a session with our talented, licensed and certified massage therapist!

Hot Stone Massage – Basalt rocks warmed and used with oil to encourage the muscles into relaxation. Great after marathon or sports events as a healing reward for participation. Great for muscle release without the deep pressure massage.

Deep Tissue Massage – The use of more pressure in massage to encourage deep breathing and deep relief of muscle tension. You only need to focus on breath work and the release of muscle tissue issues. The depth of pressure is specific to each body area. Only the perfect pressure is used, as we are not about causing pain, we only guide you to a more comforting thought pattern, allowing you to heal your body.
Healthy follow up care advised for best recovery and movement forward.

Prenatal Massage/Sidelined Massage – used for safe reclined relaxation. The side access allows target work in shoulders and hips, while being able to receive neck and leg work without lying on your back. Pillows used to increase comfortable position for both of you.

Chair Massage – People with headaches, neck stress, and computer hunchback love this treatment. Relaxed seated chair massage specializing in arms, shoulders, and upper back.  Remain fully dressed!

Prices vary by massage type and duration. Please call us at (757) 399-4700 for pricing and to book your appointment.

Nutritional Counseling

Chiropractic education includes  a vigorous nutrition curriculum.  The adage of, “We are what we eat” holds true.  We can not expect our body or our health to be function at its best if we are putting bad fuel in the tank.

We only utilize the highest quality whole food supplements.  For a better understanding of Whole Food Supplements please watch the video and visit the link below.  We utilize Standard Process Supplements because they are simply the best, highest quality whole food supplements available

Health Workshops

Our Health Workshops are one of the most exciting and integral parts of your care!  They are specifically designed to enhance your recovery and teach you how to unleash the amazing health you are designed to have.

Guests and members of our community are always welcome!


The link below is our schedule for the year.

   2016 Spinal Workshop Schedule


You can always call in advance to reserve your seat!


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Health Class

6:15pm – 6:45pm

   2018 Spinal Workshop Schedule

(Health classes are provided at no-charge as a courtesy benefit for all members of the community).


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